Sunset Alleyways and Corners: The Best Smoke Spots

Sunset Alleyways and Corners: The Best Smoke Spots

It might seem hard to get around in Sunset alleyways and corners, but don’t worry! To get along on Los Angeles’s rough streets, you need to know where the smoke spots are. Find the best smokes for Valorant Sunset to get ahead of your enemies and take over the map.

Sunset Alleyways and Corners: The Attacker’s Arsenal: A Site Tactics Guide

Finding Weaknesses and Taking Charge

It can be hard to hit the A site as an attacker. Use your initiator teammate to clear places where you think an opponent might be. Use smoke to take over key parts of the map that are being held by defenders. Here are some important smokes for A site:

  • Choice of the Initiator: Find the weak spots and clear the way.
  • Setting up Control: Protect map places and block defender lines.

Sunset Alleyways and Corners: How to Split-Push in Mid-Madness

Three ways to get to B and two ways to get to A

If you control the middle area, you can get to places B and A in more than one way. Defenders who are trying to move between spike spots should be stopped. To calm things down, use smoke:

  • Mid-Control Power: Make it possible to get to both B and A.
  • Rotational Interception: Stop players who are trying to turn around.

A Site Adventure: Attackers Should Be Careful

Sunset’s Labyrinth Tests Your Creativity

Sunset’s map makes you think outside the box. It’s risky to do an all-B major push, but it can work. Don’t send all of your enemies through the narrow B main. This will save you a round.

  • Protect Yourself: Stay Ahead of the Game

Sunset Alleyways and Corners: Defense is all about strategy.

Defenses have to stay ahead of attackers and guess what they will do next. Attackers should be forced to use tools and gather data. Smoke choke points to keep people out:

  • Smart Use of Utility: Make enemies use resources.
  • Find push places and block them to deny access.

A Site Defense: Making the Most of Viper’s Wall

The Viper’s Two Jobs as a Controller and a Sentinel

Viper is great at being a guardian and a boss. Protect A elbow and A main with her wall smoke to stop enemies from getting to A quickly.

  • Smokes for Attackers Who Are Stuck in Mid-Control
  • Slowing Down Progress in Mid-Control

Put a smoke bomb at the Mid-bottom choke point to stop attackers from moving forward. Watch out for opponents who sneak through Mid tiles close to Mid top.

Sunset Alleyways and Corners: The B Site Guardian is stopping B Main and Market Entry.

Plain and simple defense plan

It’s easy and important to protect the B spot. Block B main, and if your team loses control in the middle, smoke the way into B site from B market.

If you can master these Valorant Sunset smokes, you’ll be a strong person on the streets of Los Angeles. You have to trick your SLOT GAMPANG MENANG. Take over the map and lead your team to win!